You may now commence to be Merry..

   And now everyone be Merry.. You may puke up your Christmas stuff!Against my best judgment, because I am a grinch. But, seeing Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving is a little much. And I am not talking a few days. I am talking weeks! Halloween ended and Christmas rolled out. Like Thanksgiving was skipped or combined. 

Before you know it after Labor Day Christmas will come out, then they will figure you might as well just put it put with Easter. I mean.. They are both related to Jesus! Why not?

I did finally break and buy a small 32′ black optic tree because my best friend in Maryland and my mom both decided I needed ornaments. I can live with a black tree. The last tree I had and would only put up was one my dad gave me, and I put it up because it was his, and he taught me xmas was about the kids. 

I can still remember my dad and Ray Elero bringing my brother and I gifts at Christmas from the Warren Police Department, before he and my mom married. At that time he was just Jerry. Never did I imagine I would have such a great man in my life to ever call dad, much less to adopt me and really become my dad. The greatest man, ever. That I will ever meet in my life. They say girls will want to find a man to treat them like their dad treated them. I won’t hold my breath hopeing someone comes along like him, he was one of a kind.

So, when it comes to my Grinchiness, I can put that aside and do for kids. But when I walked in my aunts house in Missouri day after Thanksgiving and she had a tree up and Christmas music, well you can bet there was crap to be given. December 1 is still to early But atleast its December!

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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