Just Breathe.. 

Some days you just have to remember to breathe. Yesterday was packed with going to the doctor, having 6 tubes of blood drawn and then being sent for another chest x-ray. Then home to work, work, work before going and getting my new glasses because after a couple days I didnt like the other frames. Now, I look more distinguished. Or maybe more like a librarian.. Haha. 

 So, I picked up the glasses and headed to what has now become like ‘Cheers’. For a few beers. Getting there just about 5 before everyone was getting there and waiting on a coworker. 

It was greatness when the bartender totally didn’t recognize me, nor did a couple others when they said, ‘why do you look familiar?’ Amazing once the glasses came off it was all clear. For them anyways. After wearing these and seeing how much clearer everything is all the time, now I take them off and it takes a while for everything to focus. The eye doctor must have been right. My eyes were straining without me realizing it. 

And, I am now not only on day 11 without a cigarrette.. But day 4 without the E-cig! Can I get a woot-woot! Probably one of my biggest achievments. With all the stress going on, I am shocked. And all I have to say about that is spoke in tongue 😉
After getting home last night, I sat up and did some dangerous thinking. I’m not sure what to do with all I came up with, but it may mean a outlook that I am best off with. It seems relationships arent my forte. I am too into work and being sucessful in my life, I am told. And I am okay with this, which I am told isnt healthy either? I don’t see why not. I do well alone every day. And more and more I hear how I do this and that to make others feel left out because I work too much because I have to make money, pay my bills, take pride in my work, and am actually wanted and appreciated there.

I say, dont like it, people.. I am me. I haven’t changed. You’ve all known this about me. So, there you have it. Nobody walks into surprises with me.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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