Farwell 2015, Welcome 2016


Another year of life has come and gone. I don’t know that I can say it’s been a great year, but it hasn’t been a bad year. It’s been Neutral.  I will take that over some previous years. I have learned to just be thankful for life. Be thankful that each day I wake up, the ability to do and have the things I do on my own. For my accomplishments and how far I continue to come along each moment. 
On the health side of things, well it is what it is and you just have to take what is given to you.  I had to get off the form of birth control I had been on for many years due to the blood clot discovered at the beginning of the year. Originally, I got off it as I was going to try for a family.  Needless to say, now I am on an IUD, good for 5 years. No babies for me says my doctor. I can’t have nor is producing estrogen safe for me.  I am okay with that. Its what was meant to be.  My migraines, seizures and neurological issues still remain although they have minimized enough that I do get out and drive at least.  I found out in October I need glasses to be worn all the time, a fairly weak prescription but still need them. But, not thecause of headaches and vision loss which was the reason for the appointment. And, as the year came to a close, I was able to stop smoking. While going for my biometric wellness screening for work I found out I have chronic kidney damage.  Well, that could explain a lot too. I just want to sleep lately.  But we will worry about that later. 

My favs in sports did me well this season, they could have done bettter but they kept me entertained.  The Texas Rangers made the World Series Playoffs, being knocked out by the Toronto Blue Jays.  The Detroit Red Wings made the Stanley Cup playoffs, but only got that far as that losing game 7 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The Wolverines went to the Citrus Bowl defeating the Flordia Gators.  I really got in to football, it has been fun really. I would have probably got into it sooner if I hadtime.  Now that Ireally just work and focus on watching sports, its easy. Haha. I even made a friend online who I help do football bets even. 

My job has gone great over the past year. I have not only taken on more things. I have gained a lot of recognition and respect. People come to me for answers on many things because of my dependability and reliability.   I am learning a lot of new softwares and things to offer much more job security. It also keeps me busy about 65-70 hours a week. I have become a true workaholic, but I really do enjoy working. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy the people, I enjoy the challenges.

So, what is 2016 going to bring me? The scariest part will be the change of the fact that I have to move here shortly.  I don’t like change, but I think the change will be good for me. The rest will all fall the way its meant to each day.  I am going to just live each day, love my family, cherish my very few friends, all of who are miles away. I dont expect all rainbows and sunshine, and I know someone will always be there to hold the umbrella when it rains. I am going to love hard, be myself, and continue to challenge myself each day.  Most of all the best thing I am going to do is stay strong. 


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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