Peaks and valleys

Life is full of roads.. Roads on peaks, roads in valleys.. Flat roads in between.  Sometimes you make that wring turn to that tunnel that takes you straight down a tunnel toward a train.  

  Most of you know there for a while my life had me stuck going down a valley and into this tunnel. Shit, I collided with the Fn’ train! In 2013, Iwas my own train. Never feeling so much at the bottom. And now I sit on my couch, 11 days in and look at my house as it slowly comes together.  Just when you think your life is going nowhere it gets that little push.. Or maybe I was forced as my lease was up.

But my job has done me well enough that even with the scam of $700, $1000 to dental and so on.. I still had the $2500 to get inhere. Good feeling. Sure.  But what about when other parts arent moving? What do you do?  They in fact are moving in reverse. I have put this bitch in park and am refueling.  I refuse to let it pull me down a valley.. Nor, stop me from continuing on my peaks in life.  Sure we will always hit those dips onour journey.  The scammers were a dip, a test.. I kicked my own ass a few days, I was stressed.. I wont lie.  But here I am. 🙂 

A friend was pissed at me todayfor not sugar coating what he wanted to hear, well.. Its finally gotten to where Im just tired of the same conversations.. I have the above going on, everyone does… Its called LIFE. What matters is how we hande it. Thats all we can do. And I really wanna finish this but my vision is bluring. I have tried text to speach abd its always weird with my northern/Texas accent.. Haha.  So

To becontinued 

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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