Where do you go from here?

I say it over an over.  Do not worry about tomorrow for it is NOT promised.  I typed it last night and a few times today.. I have even  preached it to myself a couple times over the past couple weeks.  Why?  Because its so very true.  I have sat and reflected on some situations in my life where I am truly not happy.  Sitting asking myself can the situations be worked out.  Is it something that can be turned around in the future?  Do I take it one day at a time, or do I really worry about tomorrow?

You think about don’t worry about tomorrow and think, how can you not, RIGHT?  its really simple.. look at what you have in front of you right now.. Your job, your family, kids, pets, friends.  And worry about them in that moment.  Because while you are busy worrying about tomorrow.. all of that is slipping by and you never know what you are currently  missing.    Sure you have that spot in your mind where you do still have to look beyond.  But, don’t make it your main focus.

I am sitting at a stale point in life again.  A point where I Feel like nothing is moving.  My favorite point of life right now is working.  I went to the ER again the other day for another migraine and chest pains to find out the chest pains were stress and anxiety related.  I looked at the doctor and told him I wasn’t stressed or anxious.  He looked at me and told me to think about it.. I told him I was fine.  Because mentally, I am doing great. Emotionally my state is fine.  But, your body has a way of telling you that you are completely full of SHIT!

My body is telling me to slow the Fuck down.  Remember, that I am one person, I have one heart.  I have one mind.  But, I can’t worry about all that. I want to worry about today.. not tomorrow.. 🙂   Warped way to think?  Maybe?  Its all a perception.

So we look at relationships, do we really NEED them in life.  They  make us happy, they made us sad.  We fight, we make up, we laugh, we love.  We break up, we meet new people. We find the ones we settle with.  We find the ones that we die with.  Sometimes we find we are better off alone.  Its like a vicious cycle.  Why is the heart made to hurt that way.  Its supposed to be a natural cycle of life.  I don’t think so.  Do we all really have that person out there for us? Or are we all just finding something and settling?  What happens when you find you are with someone and you make them extremely happy but you find you are not happy. You don’t want to hurt them but you sit in your own pain.  Yet you will also be in pain if you hurt them.  The daggar isn’t going to let you win either way is it?  Now, there are those out there that put themselves first and say fuck the rest.  Good for them!.. I have always had a hard time with that.  Its all another topic to be said.. I have work to do now. 🙂   I just thought I would throw some stuff out there to ponder as it has been a while.

I have come to the conclusion in my own life.. all that can make me happy is me.  All that will ever make me happy is me.  And in the end, all that I will have is me.  So, I will worry about today, I will worry about what it is it today.  Tomorrow is just a mystery.  Yesterday is history.  Today is what I am living for.  If you are in it I am thankful for you.  If you are in it tomorrow you can be thankful. 🙂

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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