That’s me.. It was a great weekend Saturday supporting the Beauty Unites Concert and getting just two rows from the stage to see Cole Swindell, Jake Owen, Demi Lovato and The Band Perry.  All While I gave Johnny and his wife Deb my 4 free tickets to the concert.  But you know I don’t stop there.. I got them down where I was, where ‘wristbands were required’  So they were down with my friend, Rick, and I in the VIP section, where I paid $150 for tickets.  From there we left and Rick and I walked back to the car at Six Flags from ATT Stadium and we all met up at the ‘Hideout’ and then headed to Johnny’s friends house where he played some tunes on the guitar.
I spend all day Sunday in bed.  The week finally caught up with me between working both jobs, my grandmothers funeral, and then going out on Saturday.  I literally slept all day.  But, I don’t stop there.  I am back at it.  Working my jobs, and this weekend brings on Edgefest with my friend, Phil and then heading out of town for the weekend and then attending the Rangers Day Opener with my buddy, Colt. Then to return the favor of opening day he got tickets to a new band I introduced him to, the Revivalist,  its cool his wife is cool with us hanging out.  But, I have met her and his kids as well as his family.  All great people.  

Life is meant for living.  We may have to work our asses off to get here, but its too short and we don’t know when it will end.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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