What if we all had just one thing labeled to us.  We all know none of us are perfect, right?  So what if just one flaw was labeled on us all.  This way when people came in contact with us we all had that one “warning label” per se’.   Just one thing that people knew to be aware of.  For instance:  I will be the first to tell you, Due to my past background, I suck at communicating.  Sure, its something I am working on every day.  But, Face to face communication, isn’t a strong point for me.  I can communicate in words, in writing.  But my fears of confrontations, arguments, and anything worse coming at me.  I am better at putting things in words.  It also gives me time to think of what I am going to say before I say anything I may not be able to take back.

What if people could have a label that said:  Abuser, alcoholic, narcissist, Gambler, rapist, murder, widow, drug addict, depressed, anxiety sufferer, victim of… Just anything to let you know one thing that would really help you understand a person.  One thing to help you know something to better understand. Would we better understand?  Would we decide better if we wanted to start initiating contact with this person?

If I came with labels and I mean many of them… say each of my tattoos had words as to the stories of why I got them?  If my shoulder tattoo said “raped”, If my ankle tattoo said “Thought I was Poison”, wrists said “Continue life” and “Cancer Surviviors in my life”  My rib cage said “I’m stronger than my past”  My side was my final tattoo to say I am stronger than I thought I was ever before and I survived the storms.  And I had to wear them visibly, would people still confront me?  Those would be my labels.

If I came with another label that said I was still damaged and scared in so many ways but willing to trust, would it help?  Would it make people see I have overcome, yet I am just also guarded of my own self worth and self being?  Would we help the world see better?

What would it be like if we all had our own warning labels?  What would yours say?  Because we all know we would come with one, we all know we have something that isn’t perfect on us, and we all know there is someone out there for us to fit that piece of our puzzle and still stick with us in the masterpiece of life and make the picture just as beautiful.


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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