Five miles high

Its five miles high, two miles thick and armed with artillery.  Good luck jumping it, good luck coming in! 

Yes, its my wall.  Does it make me fearful?  No, not at all.  Its my defense mechanism.  Anyone can come up to it, touch it.  You’re welcome to talk to it and get to know it.  You may even knock a brick or two out of it to see into it.  But, to get through it.. now there is the challenge.  

Does this mean I don’t trust you? No, not at all!  It just means, I need to know I can trust you.  It means I have given chances where chances shouldnt have been given. It means I have also taken chances where I myself shouldn’t have taken them. 

Does it mean there is no place for you in my life?  You made it up to the wall, didn’t you.  You have touched the outer layer.  You have seen the bricks.  You are a friend, you are somewhere close in my life.  Whether it be just a friend, a boyfriend, family.  You are here.  You will know your size of windows, doors, and so on. 

Does this mean later on I might not love you?  No,  I may have all the love in my heart for you.  Look at how many windows you have instead of small peepholes to see through.  Look at if you are able to climb the wall and look over it, but not yet get over it.  Do you have a door you can just walk in instead? Maybe getting over it is that final step in a relationship level is  That big ‘Marriage word’ or something.  Eek, good luck with that!! Hahahaha.. jk. Maybe thats when your totally in.  Who knows. 

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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