One day, someone, somewhere

Just a quote that caught my eyes, haven’t posted to the quotes category in a while and this was true:

Yes, I am not easy to love, but one day, someone out there somewhere might just be brave enough to love me through my hardness, caress my darkness, and sleep in my scars.  – Madalyn Beck


The thing about this quote, although true, Is someone somewhere will see, special enough.. I am really not all that hard after all once you get past the shell, I try not to admit it, but I can be pretty sweet.. LOL.  Underneath the darkness there is a lot of light that is shed, many rays of sunshine that shine on many people that I allow it to.  And under my scars, there is really so much life.   The scars are just the surface.  Sure they tell many stories, but they are also my trophies of survival.   I survived every single one of them and they got me where I am today.  For I am a fighter and I fought.  It just takes the right people for me to show it to, that is all. Some are lucky to see it instantly, although that is few and far between and I think I can count on one hand how many, and others over time.  Some get it in spurts as I try to figure out if it is safe or not, as the blinds open and close.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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