How You Feel When a Good Guy Enters in Your Life After a Toxic Ex

This Is How You Feel When a Good Guy Enters in Your Life After a Toxic Ex
Being in an unhappy relationship is bad but having a toxic relationship is worse. The worst thing about having a toxic or destructive relationship is that you are not aware of this fact. You vaguely know that you are not happy in this relationship. However, you will never classify the relationship as a toxic one. Once it ends and you have a chance to be in a new relationship, the experience will be entirely different.
Many of us have suffered from toxic relationship.
Sometimes the person you blindly trust plays with you in worst way you could ever imagine. After you come out of those dark horizons, you cannot even see clearly, because the shine of the light is a way too brighter for you.
How you jump in the battlefield of love again after having so many scars from the last relationship? This is what you will think:

No matter how things ended last time, at least you were in real love; many people cannot even claim this for themselves. Do not get depressed if no one comes in your life for a short period. Sometimes it is difficult to find something precious in a sea full of everything, especially when your so-called passionate relationship has just ended.

During your relationship, you do not have time for yourself. When it ends, you get all the much-needed me-time to see everything clearly and think about the things for a while. This is not something like you should go out in the wilderness and think about yourself, not even remotely. Just spend a little time inside your head to organize everything. Even if your ex is the one who destroyed the entire relationship, still you are aware of the mistakes you made now more than ever. Maybe the communication between you two was not good enough or maybe you could not tell your needs properly. Next time, make it sure that you vocalize them clear enough.

Now that your last relationship has left you “almost” devastated, you may want to be just yourself for some time. When it happens, do anything you want to do. Hit on the handsome bartender; kiss any guy, who is even younger than you are. Just stop caring for a while because you owe nothing to anyone. You only owe yourself for the fun you have missed earlier. You know, what is the best thing? Nobody is going to judge you because everybody already knows that you have been through worst of the times.

When you are in toxic relationship, mostly a controlling relationship, you may have seen your partner being obsessive over you to the point of being insane. The reason is that your partner was insane. Most of the normal people are not like this, though. Normal people take it easy – so you should not think that the newly found romantic feelings are not interesting ones. Enjoy your freedom while you have it.

Now your worst days are over. You are not the type of person who accepts insults anymore. In fact, whenever there are signs of toxic relationship, your sixth sense will flare up. It is best for you to leave someone earlier than later in the game. In this way, you save yourself from being involved anymore. It will affect you for a couple of days or maybe one week but you will jump back right on your feet after that. After all, you are enjoying liberation.

Do you know which one is the most essential relationship in your life? The simplest answer is, “with yourself.” At the end of the drinking night out, your own intuition is more honest and helpful than your friends even the best friend. If you want to avoid any long series of some unhealthy relationships, your best bet is that you listen to yourself.

If you want to be happy in the future, you need to let go of your past. Get rid of it but do not forget it. When your life starts pushing you down, remember everything you have been through. You need to keep your memories away somewhere in a safe box.

You will expect the worst from everyone because of all the bad things you have been through in this life. It will lead you to think that all men are same. You will not let your guard down in front of anyone. The worst thing of all, you will expect the things to go bad with your new b.f as they did with your ex, and you will always be ready to face any kind of suffering.

You will overthink about almost everything, because these things will be new for you. Things like, his good treatment, will make you disoriented. When it happens, you will become a little distant so you can gain a wide vision for a broader perspective.

When it seems that he will never harm your feelings, he respects you and your feelings. He always says the right things. At the same time, he treats you better than anyone does. He is constantly defending your dignity and never degrades you. At this time, everything seems too good to be real.

You might start thinking that this is all a farce. It will feel like he is trying to make you fall in love with him so he can get under your skin and hurt you. You do not trust men because you had worst relationship experiences in the past. This new partner will not seem different than your ex.

In toxic relationship with your old partner, arguments and complications could start from anything. They were your routine life, as you did not commit yourself to a person but the arguments and disagreements. However, the new guy doesn’t want any disagreement or arguments and you don’t know how to react in this situation.

In your old relationship, you were in a habit of saying sorry to end the conflict because you were in a constant state of complications. Now, you will be scared that you will ruin everything with your new partner just because of your old deep-rooted anger. As a result, you will find yourself saying sorry all the time.

In the end, you will start believing that he is actually a nice person. He does not intend to hurt you. He works out his relationship with you to make the things smooth. This might set you back. The reason is that you think yourself as a devastated girl so he deserves better.

You are unaccustomed to easy relationships. You have never spent time with somebody who makes everything appear this much soft and swish. With your old partner, everything was difficult. This is the reason that you think, you continuously need to exert effort in all the relationships. Even more than you need to exert.

Trust is the pillar of any relationship. Your new guy is apparently so sweet that eventually you start coming around him undefended. You will begin learning how it feels to be comfortable around somebody. You will let your guard down in front of a man who does not even intend to betray you.
In this way, you will understand how it feels to be in real love when someone loves you back.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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