Hell to the no… 

This off a domestic/narcissist abuse group I am in. Ladies and gents, this is NOT okay!  If washing dishes is so sexy, he should wash them. I can’t stand this kind of shit! There aren’t even words for this guy. 

I can tell you in today’s time if this was my significant other, he could serve his own damn dinner or eat it off the floor as my ass was walking out, had he said this to me.  

You should never devalue your partner less than you want to be, if he wants to be treated as a king, maybe he should talk like she is his queen.  

Devaluing is not okay.  I have had two men leave a bad taste in my mouth here recently doing so.  One who asked if he could pay me to have sex with him and another who thought it was a ‘joke’ to answer ‘sec’ when I asked why he was contacting me after clearly telling me he had no interest.  They obviously don’t get how cheap that can make someone feel in their eyes.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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