Online dating sites: part 3

As my zoosk membership nears the end for the month trial, I can tell you one thing.. I will not be renewing it or any other for that matter.  I would love to say it is because I found someone super awesome, but no.  These sites will make you crazy!  You can get first dates no problem, but when you end up with them all ending there, it will leave you questioning what the hell is wrong with you.   While I know a few of my experiences were because they ultimately wanted one thing.  So, I learned to start asking, “What are you here for? Casual Dating, Relationship, etc.”

I did the trial of, that was probably the worst of guys just looking for sex.  I did POF and met a guy who although we had much in common, he could not control his mouth.  And then there is Zoosk.  I have never been ghosted more in my life.  Which isn’t saying much since I am just not getting into this whole dating thing after not doing so since 2006.  I guess Ghosting wasn’t a thing back then.. haha.

It really has been a joke.  I did meet a couple people who I had great conversation with.  But, that was as far as it ever went.  Everything starts with conversation and getting to know each other.  I have learned to do that more before jumping to meet, considering my experiences.   But, I think I have just as much possibility of prince charming being an idiot in a tree, and waiting for him to fall out of it, as I do finding someone on these so called ‘dating sites’.  While I refuse to go out to the bars and look for someone as that is where my last two relationships over the past 11 years has come from is people met in bars,  I think I would much rather just wait and hopefully someone finds me one day.

This online dating stuff will lower your self esteem and much more.   Hell, if my wall wasn’t high when I started, it sure as hell is now.  It now has me even more cautious of who to trust, it has me more cautious of so many red flags I never thought of initially and it will make you question who is real and who is not.

I always say I will try anything once that doesn’t kill me, and while it didn’t kill me.. I tried it and that was it.  I can add it to my list of life experiences, to my list of blog topics, or whatever else.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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