Online dating sites: Part 4

Always get the last name of the person before you go on a date.  I wondered why my mom always wanted last names, besides the fact that she is a mom.  In doing so, I found out a guy was listed as a sex offender.  You can imagine my confusion and distraughtness when finding this out because after months of talking he never said anything.  All the way to the part where I agreed to go on a date.

He just didn’t seem like that type of person.  Granted this was something that happened 22 years ago, It’s kind of something you tell someone up front.  I was upfront about my roommate situation and so forth.  I immediately sent him a text with the link and his name and stated “This is kind of something you tell someone off the bat before going on  a date.”

My initial thought was straight to my niece and what ifs were flying like crazy in my head.  I felt let down, I felt lied to even though there wasn’t a lie told, it was just disclosed information. Not to mention, imagine trying to calm your mom down as she was the one who found the info and here you are just as dumbfounded.   First I said maybe its not him, but there was a picture of him.

Being something that was so long ago and figuring his age and that he would have still been a teen, I questioned it, and gave him a chance to explain.  He stated he passed a polygraph test stating he was innocent but by that time it was too late and he didn’t have any attorney or legal help.  But, it is still an eye opener as to what people may not tell you.   So, lets add to my list of pre-date questions.  “Do you have any charges against you?”

So, be cautious people, we don’t really know what is out there.  Get as much info as you can, I would say do as I do and talk to the people a while before meeting them, but that didn’t work here.  They guy seems innocent and honest.  He did go through the time to tell me about it once asked and stated he wanted to tell me in person.  I get that, kind of but this isn’t something that waits.

Now lets also add the guy who offered to give me a ‘Magic Mike’ type of born day entertainment, too.  I mean why not add that to my list of things.  But at least that one was funny.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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