Oh what a night.. 

Late December 1963… good song but not what the blog is about, sadly! So, they say Karma is a bitch, well she got me tonight.  We have all had that drunken stopper of a night that someone put up with us.  TUESDAY.June 12, 20171-  got my turn to take care of someone and Dear Baby Jesus was she a handful.  My 22 yo little sister.  

The saga begins- Let’s just say my day started out bad. I woke up, grabbed my phone and attempted to call my dad.  Yes, my dad who passed in 2010!  Figure that one out!!!! I woke up wanting/needing to talk to him.  It took me some time to realize I could not.  

My little sister came by and sat with me the majority of the day and I later grilled for us as we drank some, played corn holes in the back yard and my roommate later joined us.  From there we decided we were going to go up to OSheas and play Jenga.  Not without flashing my roommate a few times first, who is a guy, bra.  Apparently she had drank more than I thought.  She was wasted and by the time we left, a biligerant drunk.  Going off on me asking why I left my roommate over 15 and a half months ago, saying she did not know who to believe.  On the way home trying to jump out of the car, wetting her pants.  Getting her to my house she began dry heaving, got in the shower shoes and all.  Tried to cut herself with my razor. Dry heaved som more.  Locked me out of my own house as I tried to stop her from driving home. 

Finally after a 2 hour Saga, I got her keys to drive her home.   I could now get home where I was so drained from my morning events, 13 hour work day and that, that I sat down and cried myself.  Now I had time to sleep 2 hours before work and get ready for all the aftermath.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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