Nike (Goddess of Strength)


I sit here today, 24 hours after Nike was hit by the truck.  I blame myself for letting her in the front yard, something I stopped doing for quite a while because she does like to go across the street where she knows Prince is. (The black Lab across the street).  She also knows that the lady next door to that has all the stray cats and she loves to jump around in the shrubs around her big tree.  But, we were playing in the back yard and something said take her out front as she runs around my front yard and the neighbor next doors yard.  She was so full of energy and just wanted to play.

I play over and over in my head how this could have been prevented.  If I had gone across the street with her, which is where I was headed until this truck was coming, had I been out of her view to come running to me.. I was watching her closely across the street as she looked like she was going to the stray cat yard when she just looked at me and darted toward me.  I was standing in the road in hopes that would slow the truck down, instead they continued to speed up down my street.  And then it all happened so fast, I saw her dart out and I didn’t want to yell ‘Nike, No’ and her stop in the road.  She is so fast and for that I am lucky as it got her out of the way much quicker but she also tried to run to get out of the way when it clipped her back hip.  The force spun her and she ran to the grass with a screeching cry. As I picked her up I just began crying.  I didn’t know how hurt she was or even where she was hurt… but I had blood spots on my hand, later finding out it was from a laceration she had received on her foot.

I immediately called my mom in absolute panic.  She heard Nike crying thinking it was just her wanting me, until I told her what happened.  My mom immediately said get her to the closest vet.  My first words were I can not afford this. As the first vet presented me with a estimate for just x-rays and a pain injection, my heart dropped knowing this was going to be expensive.  $400.  Then came a referral for a place to do the surgery.  Sadly, all my mind could play was ‘it’s cheaper to put her down’  and I began to cry as the tech left to go get her for me to take her home.

My brother, Sister in law and Niece were on their way to me, when I received a text that they were outside my house waiting on Nike and I to take us to a place in Irving.  My mom continued to tell me not to worry as we would get Nike’s needs taken care of.  All I could think was the cost to get her there.  I am stubborn when it comes to needing help.  And again it continued to play in my head, its cheaper to put her down.  And again my heart dropped.  As I sat there at the second place and watched Nike lay in pain as the meds were wearing off, I continued to tear up.  It was hurting me probably as much as it was hurting her.  My brother sat with me as he made jokes to try and make me laugh.   My baby girl was in so much pain though.  You could see it in her face.  And as each price came at me I just couldn’t fathom it.  Now for the final ‘estimate’.. $3930 was the low-ball estimate while $4900 was the high end.  I think my brother knew immediately, I could not make that call to Mom and tell her, so he stepped out and came back in.  My mom still reassuring that Nike was going to get fixed up.  And then giving Nike a hard time through me saying her new name is ‘Nike  Platinum”.  How horrible of a person am I to think, its cheaper to put her down when I love that dog so much?    I am so thankful to have a family who is able to help me keep her with me today and I don’t think I could ever repay them in any way.

I asked the vet if I could please give Nike some of the pain medications that the other vet had given to take home.  It was just killing me to see her in pain, and we had been waiting so long as they were having trouble retrieving the x-rays from the disc I brought.  About that time the vet tech came in and looked at Nike saying she did look worse than when I had brought her in.  She asked if she could go ahead and take Nike back to get her started on the IV for a pain drip.  As she slowly picked up Nike, I said bye to her and that I would see her later.  She looked so sad.

I came home, and I didn’t have my normal happy puppy jumping at my feet and thought about how it will be a while before I probably have that.  Felix, the cat, immediately came and laid next to me on the couch as he just looked around.   I got up and went in the back year to see if I could see my neighbor in her back yard as she didn’t answer her door.  She met me out front as I told her what happened, the guy across the street came home and his first question was “where is your dog?”  Everyone loves Nike and loves to see her.  I told him what happened and he just put his hands on his head and walked in a circle.  He knew right off the bat that Nike had been across the street looking for his dog.  He left pretty quick saying he would come check on Nike on Tuesday when she gets home.

As the night went on, Felix continued looking for Nike and I continued to feel like my home was so empty.  How such a little 4lb dog can make something feel so full… I finally decided it was time to lay down about 11:30 to try and sleep but I just couldn’t.  All that would play every time I closed my eyes was the replay of Nike being hit by this big box truck, her cries after it happened and me holding her as she did so.  The visions of her in pain at the vet and so on.  I can’t even say how can someone be so heartless to not stop and check on her when they clearly know they hit her, but then I woke up to the news of the L.V. Shooting and there are just so many heartless people out there.

I spoke to the vet tech and surgeon this morning and Nike was Stable and Vitals were good, they are still keeping her as comfortable as possible.  And I just want my little girl to be home., safe and pain free.  I now sit and wait for the call to say she had her surgery and will be okay.  I talked with the vet about all complications post surgery and she assured me Nike will be okay.  Worst case should only be how the growth plate heals but she said Nike is young enough that we shouldn’t see any complications, but that they will also show me exercises to do to her leg to hopefully prevent that.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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