Nike update..

Nike came home on Tuesday. She has her good moments and not so good moments.  This morning she is shaking and not wanting to even walk around to use the bathroom.  Some moments she gets a little bit of energy and wants to play with Felix on the couch.  

It has been tiring but worth it, having her home.  It saddens me to have to see her limp around and drag her leg, as well as trying to force pills down her throat which she doesnt like at all.  

One of the neighbors gave her a cat bed to lay on, as the one I ordered wouldnt be here until Thursday.  She likes her new one better, I think.  She even put her little toy in there to cuddle with.  

This weekend I can try to start doing therepy on her leg.  She gave me a little scare on Wednesday when it started to bleed.  The surgeon said it still looks good at the incision and to put ice on it for the swelling.  

With each day she is with me, I can’t imagine her not being.  She is such a sweet little girl.  My low for the week of her being hit is way outweighed by the high that she isn’t dead.  She is a great ESA support dog and I couldnt have replaced Gordie and Sadie with a better dog I don’t think.  

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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