How to save a life..

How do you support and help save a life of someone who doesn’t truly seem to want to do any work to help save their life them self. When it is clear that they aren’t quite ready to leave the world but they want everyone else to fix them with a miracle drug and some magic?

Everyone knows I would NEVER say someone has intentionally harmed or attempted to harm themselves for complete attention. The reason for this is because that self harm can easily end very wrong and take a life just as easily and become an accidental death. So, I would hate to just look at a person and say ‘No big deal, they are just looking for attention’. There is always more to it. No matter what, this person is somewhere looking for and seeking someone or something to help. Seeking someone to talk to, or seeking a way to stop hurting in some way.

Let’s look at a close to home scenario. In the past 3 weeks an unnamed person in my life that is a close person has tried to slit their wrist. The first time we were lucky enough that bandages were able to fix this. Yesterday there was another episode.. this time not as lucky. It took several stitches. They did call their spouse immediately after. Obviously a major cry for help. But as I said above, how can you help someone who isn’t willing to do any work. That is the hardest, yes, but most crucial part. You have to work for it too. All while all of us on the outside are feeling helpless, defeated. We are here but we can only do so much. A pill and doctor will only do so much. Even when it comes to mental Health It’s really 70% on yourself to get better mentally and emotionally. Without Yourself, it just doesn’t work.

Maybe this is Karma coming back at me, showing me how helpless I made others feel. At the same time I can somewhat relate to how this person may be feeling. Getting help can be scary. But they are also older than I and should by now see that life is too short and it’s time to live out what you have. Kids, Nieces, nephews, siblings, spouse, etc. Make the best of the life you have already lived.

Either way I wanted to share the blog, to share a little advice.. get advice.. vent.. whatever.

Below is a link with great things to say when talking with someone in this state:

How to help someone who is Suicidal

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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