Vegas Bound

While the last couple weeks have been stressful with the layoff and my health, tomorrow will bring some much needed R&R. Matt and I head to Vegas to see Helloween play Tomorrow night and then the Blue Man group on Saturday night. A trip that was planned months before and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Upon Return on Monday I will be going in for a Holster Monitor for my heart to monitor it for a 24 hour period. Followed by a follow up appointment a week later and a stress test with a sonogram of the heart the following week. By then I should be good and ready for our trip to Finland in Mid October. And pray I also have a job by that point as well. *Fingers Crossed*

I will say however, I am thankful to have the support, both internal and external to survive this. I am more ground now than I have been to make it through. I am learning to ask for help and I do have the watching Kimber that is giving me some money for now to help keep my apartment and such along with what I had. It’s not a complete loss yet.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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