Hello October…

October has arrived.. What does it have in store for me? Hopefully all good. While it is the month of my dad’s ‘would be’ birthday, which brings on more so of thinking of him, I know he is watching over me. October 11th I will go to the cemetery and have a coffee with him.
In just 18 more days it is time to get the hell out of dodge and out of the country for the first time. It’s off to Finland we go! 10 days of planes, trains, and Hockey (amongst other things).
I hope it brings on a job before I go stir crazy. You can take a job out of a workaholic but you can’t take the workaholic out of a workaholic. haha. While I am sure life is telling me I needed the break from all the work I have put in, that doesn’t pay the bills.
And best of all, October brings me another month of life. While I still try to figure out some health issues, they are all livable. And I have a lot of love around me to help me through the down times. Every time my love asks what he can do I can’t express enough that he does more than he knows. He truly does. Him just being him, him just being there in the same room, Him just being there in general. He brightens even the darkest days. I can’t possibly imagine life without ‘US’ in it together, sharing each others ups and downs.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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