Find your match..

For the past couple days the above title has been on my mind heavy. Finding your match.. how do you know you have found your match, your soulmate and the one you are MEANT to spend the rest of your days with?

It’s not about everything being perfect, it’s about being able to get through together when things aren’t so perfect. It’s agreeing to disagree and understand each other when you do. It’s being able to talk and communicate when there is a problem, without fear. It’s sharing our day, it’s sharing our dreams.

It’s sharing interests of the same and knowing that everything you two do will never be ‘boring’. This doesn’t mean you constantly have to spend money or go places to not be boring. Find the one who you enjoy just sitting with and talking, watching a tv show or just simply having them in the same room.

It’s when you miss them not because of the length of time since you have seen them, but you miss their presence.

It’s trying to picture tomorrow with out them and feeling that dagger in your chest. Knowing that the only thing you could ever see is you two by each other’s side through good and bad.

The list can go on forever to be honest. But it has been heavy on my mind as I think of my partner and thing how He’s the one I want to say ‘I love you’ to every morning and night. He’s the one I want to sip morning coffee with. The one I see in all of my futures. The one I want to be the best of my best to, but know he will love me even when I am not at my best and I will always do the same. He’s my smiles when I don’t feel like I can. As soon as I think of him and us, it picks me back up when I am down.

It in a sense is still surreal. A year ago today I would have never thought I could have this much love for anyone, nor would anyone ever tear down my walls enough to even imagine a future with anyone but the one I could count on.. myself. He has changed that. He made me feel comfortable enough with ‘us’ to allow myself to be vulnerable and emotionally exposed. Giving him the ability to hurt me but trusting him not to.

I can remember arguing with my mother and telling her I was going to stay single forever and let no one in. He found his way in. For that I am thankful. I am thankful daily for his love, support, comfort and laughs that we share daily. It’s rolling over on mornings I get to have him next to me, when the alarm goes off and wrapping my arms around him and snuggling through a few snooze buttons. It’s how much more alive I feel with him and how much It hurts when we are not together.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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