Eharmony that is.. who I would have thought a year ago today that answering a message would lead to waking up next to a man who absolutely is my better half. A man who completes everything that I not only didn’t know was missing but that I didn’t know I was looking for.

I had basically all but given up on looking for a partner, love, etc. All I seemed to have been finding were men who wanted nothing of any commitment or relationship. Realizing that the ‘dating’ sites were just that. For nothing more than dates and not relationships. I can thank my mom of course for paying for Eharmony, because had I still been single by 40 I do believe she would have made me some kind of mail order bride šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

I was skeptical to answer any more messages upon signing up. Tired of the one time dates and the dead ends. Matt and I chatted for a month. And immediately exchanged phone numbers and had a lengthy phone conversation. Due to schedule conflicts it took almost a month for our first in person meeting. Me with two jobs and him with his daughter every other weekend. Then when we did finally meet I was completely exhausted and a bore. Luckily I was given a second chance at which we hit it off. Even though… his hockey team beat my hockey team, I forgave him, and the wings Later beat the Panthers so they are even.. LOL.

From there everything has been amazing. Sharing the same interests and introducing each other to new ones. Sharing life’s dreams and bucket list items. In June I met his daughter. In September we took a weekend trip to Las Vegas to see Helloween play and In October we spent 10 days together in Finland. And that is all just the start to many more adventures to come. Whether we are doing something or doing nothing, I am happy and content. Just being with him, by his side makes life feel right.

We talk, we laugh, we can joke, and be serious. We work through things and work together to be sure there is never a problem and have yet to have one. That is the beauty.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

2 thoughts on “Harmony”

  1. I just keep remembering the days we first started talking and how we were both giving an awful lot and receiving nothing in return for our endless efforts to become wonderful for someone who just could never value us. Now we are in such a different place. I loved this blog. I love who we were and where we are in life, someone cherishes us now. Go figure! lol We didn’t have to try so hard to be everything that they ever needed and always end up feeling broken b/c we just never saw that we were always good enough just as we were. I love you! Your an awesome chick!

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