This little dog of mine

We were able to get Nike to the vet this morning as They couldn’t see her Saturday. Going to need some major prayers that the pain/anti-inflammation medication gets her back to walking on all fours. The vet wants to do X-Rays when we return, as she believes it is either the pins in her leg or her knee, either way it will result in surgery, which results in many $$$. Hard to tell via a physical exam due to the scar tissue in the area.

I looked at Nike and told her she is lucky her grandma said to let her live when she got hit by that truck a year ago… Damn dog. She knows I love her to pieces, and he’ll she is probably there for me more than I am for her but she’s giving me gray hair.

It sucks, yet I am thankful once again for those in my life. Here I am with my baby, my dog who is like my child who reds medical attention, medical attention that I can not provide myself because I do not have a job at the moment. Could you imagine if your child was sick and you could not get them to the doctor or get them the medical care they needed? We as adults, we can force ourselves to live through it. Helpless children and animals should never have to. And, yet again, I feel like a burden and like I could be putting strain on those helping out on a situation that could possibly turn out to be hundreds if not thousands. Thankful doesn’t begin to express how I feel. But it also hurts. I wish I could care for her as well. I feel helpless, hopeless, worthless.

How do you stay positive when everything keeps falling to pieces? You try to keep looking at all the good and wonder when is that going to break too…

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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