Some days I feel like a nut..

Some days I feel like a nut. Other days I feel like the squirrel who just found the nut.

It was never written that life is all puppy dogs and rainbows. It can kick us down to see if we get back up. It will test us and challenge us every day.

Life doesn’t just throw us curve balls when we least expect it, more importantly is when it throws us the wonderful things when we least expect it.

This is my opinionated outlook as I enter 2019. Life is too short to say ‘why me?’. Look every challenge in the face and say ‘try me’.

And that is what will get me through this week as I try not to stress over the procedure I have to have done on Friday to examine a lump and be sure it is nothing serious.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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