It all starts with a thought, paper and a pen..

… every time something comes to mind, you pick up the paper and pen, or in most cases, a keyboard and a screen and off you go. Writing! Putting the words into black and white. Not always sure they will make sense but at least they are escaping. They are making some sort of story, becoming a past or maybe even a future, maybe they are the present, maybe it is all of the above. Either way, you possess the space before your eyes and your fingers. And your mind is free.

Writing has always been a big thing for me. A thing I have done for probably 25+ years. From message boards, poetry, to blogging, and journaling. In junior high I did some journalism and in my 20’s I had my own non-profit newsletter. It’s always been a hobby and also a release. I had a poem of which won honorable mention and was published in a poetry book from when I was around the age of 15. #littleaccomplishments!

I have used my blogging for many things but mostly to take my life experiences and use them to help others. Others who are where I have been. Not just in the bad, but the good. Or to help those see that the bad isn’t going to stay that way. Life does get better, to see they are not alone. And I would be lying to myself and my readers if I ever said I haven’t ever gone back to my own reading for reflections and reminders myself.

Writing has always come kind of ‘natural’ for me. It’s always been a little easier in terms of expressing words. Maybe because I can calculate what is being said a little slower. I can ‘Think before I speak’. Realistically, life doesn’t communicate that way 24/7, but it would be my perfect world.. haha. Kidding. I wouldn’t be able to be sarcastic in writing and that would make life B-O-R-I-N-G! But at least I can draft up my sarcastic humor. 🤔

********* TO BE CONTINUED **********

Yes, this is actually going into something of a story, I just wanted to bore you first with the ‘history of writing’

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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