(Part 2) And then comes the Thoughts and the black and white escape

So, here it comes… duh duh duh …

*** Drumroll Please ***

The burning question in all of your minds, what WAS DANA TALKING ABOUT IN PART ONE? So.. here it is…

Which came first.. the chicken or the egg? I think it was the Chicken Coop!

Baby Shark.. doo do doo do do.. Baby Shark…

It was the moment when I could feel my two most battling parts of my being, as they started to spin like tumbleweeds in the desert, that I have hit a spot where writing and I are at a battle. Do I grab the blog, or do I write to myself? Or.. do I jump straight to talking about this one to someone. As I sat Tuesday night in notepad, my heart babbled so that my mind could go back and try to decipher how it sounded. Did it sound foolish? Was it crazy? Was it actually completely sound and right? Was it sensitive? Was it a little over the top? Was it a tired heat and mind going on? Was it emotions? Or was it simply that, a babble?

**type, type, type went my fingers…. and I closed notepad**

**Yesterday morning** The notepad was reopened and it was once again re-read. Once from the heart, once from the mind. It’s not that they are battling. They agree. I was glad I didn’t talk, that was for sure… because, well to me I sounded sane still but to others, maybe not.. haha. You don’t really know what others will think, that’s the hard part. That is where life becomes a Game of chess, and sometimes a game of battleship. And you have to make sure they don’t sink your battleship, boy howdy that could end badly, eh?

Basically, I realized even more how much I needed this writing stuff. It is something that I have written to now be able to go over and save. It is something I have that is dated and able to reflect back on as a memory of a thought I had, feeling and emotions. And to look back on in a week, a month, or whenever to see how I feel about it and see if it answers my above questions. We all sometimes question our thoughts. Especially when we are just wore out and exhausted. Or when our minds are in overload. And one day you will all get ‘Part 3 telling you what it is.. *Sticks out tongue* have no fear, I renewed my domain another year so hopefully it will be by then. *snickers*

I know a few of you readers will still be around waiting, not naming any names, Stacy.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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