Tucson, Arizona Trip

I’m just a traveling girl.. Vegas, Finland, Florida now Arizona. Life doesn’t suck.. not because I am traveling but that I have the greatest man to do it with. Hell he’s the first one to get me to stop working and such to want to explore and have adventures as such.

So, this past weekend we got in the car on Friday and made the 14+ hour drive. We then went Saturday to the street fair, followed by our friends 10 year vow renewal at the botanical gardens.

A sweet ceremony, and something one day I can only hope we have. 10 years is a milestone. Your past the 5 year milestone and past the 7 year itch, right? 😂

Sunday we went and watched the airshow. Another fun day. But most of all, where life gets in the way and sometimes wraps you up in everything else around, it was a much needed weekend of just quality time spent together. Away from our daily stressors, spending time together with no work, no distractions and just a good time. We had time to talk together, laugh together and enjoy each other.

Sunday Funday Airshow

Tucson Botanical Gardens
Good friends, good times…

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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