Do you ever just start to feel numb? You don’t feel It’s every occurrence , there are people and places in life that lift this feeling. Places like Home, places like the arms where you feel safe at night, the arms that hug you tight, the bed as you settle down, the music as it plays in your ears, or the children’s laughter. The times as friends surround you and you stomach hurts from laughter. These are the things that remind you not to be so.

But there are also some moments where You sit and suddenly catch yourself sitting with no emotion, feeling as if You suddenly don’t belong, or as if You need to protect yourself here as of late. A feeling as if things are changing, a feeling as if you are still trying with all of you perfectionism, trying to keep sparks and relationships going with family, friends, partner, work, life balance.

Numb- of words from strangers and words of those the words that aren’t thought before spoken.. numb of actions unthought.. numb of rejection and numb of your own self inflicted actions brought upon yourself by being you and doing all you do causing your own rejection and alienation.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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