You are… home!

It’s strange.. when I look at you, I am home.

Upon meeting you I already though my life was already home, even in it’s own entity. but now it is even more complete.

Your eyes.. the same shade of blue I always stare into and stare at the clouds and used to often take picture of. A Soft Blue so comforting and soothing.
Your hair that I love to run my fingers through, as soft as the memories of the stuffed animals I used to have as a child, as I run my fingers though it as we sit together or lay in bed.

Your lips so soft, kissable and lovable as they return the same. Beholding a image of the soul. Your scent as refreshing as the spring rain.
Your smile, as bright as the future my dad swore was waiting for me. Your smile, as warm and inviting as the sunlight streaming in through the kitchen window in the morning.

Your Jawline as strong as my belief as a child, in Santa Clause as I would stare eagerly looking into the Michigan skies desperately searching for the tiniest glimmer of magic.

Truth be known, I prayed for you in my life, long before I knew you, long before I knew I even wanted or needed you in my life. And now that I have met you, I feel like I have known you forever.

You bring an inexplicable comfort of something familiar to my life. You bring a hope for a future that would be far more beautiful that if you, against all odds choose to be part of it and above all else when I look at you I know, I am finally home.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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