I’ve tried, tried, tried..

I’ve tried, tried, tried, and i’ve tried even more
I’ve cried, cried, cried, and I can’t recall what for
I’ve pressed, i’ve pushed, i’ve yelled, i’ve begged
In hopes of some success
But the inevitable fact is that it never will impress!

I’ve no more fucks to give
My fucks have run adry
I’ve tried to go fuck shopping but there’s no fucks left to buy!
I’ve no more fucks to give
Though more fucks i’ve tried to get
I’m over my fuck budget, and i’m now in fucking debt!

And if you don’t know the rest then well that’s on you….

This about sums up my Friday! After a nice Thursday of being extremely proud of a certain 5th grader for graduating, a nice dinner that however did not agree with me and left me sick all night and this morning and just some other blah feelings on top of some tremendous stress of work. I want to go to bed.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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