Father’s Day

Dear Dad.

Hard to believe it’s been a little over 9 years since your physical presence has left. But everyday you still remain close. In my mind, in my heart, through many things I do, say and think. Through memories, through pictures, your always here with me. But, oh how I miss the phone calls.. to here the “Hiya, Daner!” When you would answer the phone. This week is always a hard one between always missing that phone call on my birthday, to Father’s Day following after.

You truly were, always will be and are the greatest man to be in my life. I wish you were around to meet the very close second. You would be happy. While you were always acceptant of others you always knew when I was in a safe and happy place. But, you also gave your guidance while still letting me figure it out as well. You always made sure I was never in any harm though, and when times came close, no matter how far away you were there as fast as you could be to protect me.

Losing your presence did do one thing for me, or distilled the protection you gave to me, within me. And I became stronger at keeping myself in safe places and getting out of those you were no longer there to protect me from. Sure I slipped, but I got back up.

I miss you Dad, I love you and I wish you were here to see how well your little girl is doing now in stability, on many accounts and to see how far I have come. To see how I have applied all you and mom may not have thought I was listening to many times.

And don’t worry, your sense of humor still lives through me.. it even gets me into trouble sometimes just as it did you.. thank you for that! Haha. And don’t worry.. I don’t text and drive either.. that I will confess to.



Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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