If we had TREX Arms.. life would be .. .. lonely..

When you are feeling down always remember one thing, and I have said this before, ” IT COULD BE WORSE, WHAT IF WE ALL HAD T-REX ARMS AND WE COULD NOT WIPE OUR BUTTS” and if you think about it.. OTHER T-REX’S COULD NOT WIPE OUR BUTTS FOR US EITHER!”
Makes perfect sense to me and you would think that would cheer anyone one up who is feeling a little down and bleh. And well it usually does make me feel a little better. Until I am feeling a little lonely and empty inside. Like there is this hole, a void, an emptiness and a small part of loneliness. It sucks to feel alone sometimes. All while I know I could be alone, no one wants to be alone. I at least want my dog.
And then you think, what if you do have T-REX arms and you have to cook, or you have to pee and you have T-REX arms and you are stuck to drip dry and you have somewhere to be, what if you have that date finally to go meet a hot TREX.. and you are just stuck there.. drip drying.. or even worse.. you hear the ice cream truck going down the street… So many what ifs!..

So.. I guess what we have to say to ourselves.. and what I really just told myself.. suck it up.. stand back up and quit being a bitch..there’s people out there being pissed off for way worse odd reason.. I could have TRex arms, have to pee, not be able to wipe and hear an ice cream truck going down the street.. or not have my dog.. Okay, I feel better… and considering I do have to pee like a Russian race horse since work has had me swamped and I am just waiting for the clock to turn 4 in 5 minutes.. It could be worse.. I am not so lonely and empty after all.. I am quite full… My bladder tells me so.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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