Head down, eyes up

“Head Down Eyes Up” became my personal motto; my way of life to succeed not by looking at an end result, but by fighting every step of the way, focusing only on each moment in front of me. 

Over the last several years after finding HDEU, I have followed it. Not only the story but the motto inspires me. Because it is a way that I to have learned to go about things over time and struggles, trials and things I have overcome.

I can remember as a child, my dad always telling me to stop always walking with my head down, always staring at the ground. Telling me to look at the world, and take in all of life in front of me. He always said this more so when I would be going through some of my hard depression. But it always clicked when he would say it. And it still does if I see myself walking with my head down.

Head down, Eyes UP

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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