We all have insecurities. Its human. But it is how we handle them. I am typically pretty good at it. I am typically a pretty confident, independent woman. I know I am beautiful with great inner qualities.
But, After many years of being told by someone I needed to consider a breast job I gained a complex in that regards. After a while I got over it for the most part and told myself it was a part of me and if people didn’t like it, well that was a them problem, this was me and it was how I was made. but it does still bother me from time to time wondering if who I am with is happy with who I am in that regards.
So, when you do finally tell them that it is an insecurity deep down and you hear “so, maybe it isn’t your best quality’ especially when you are feeling like they are not physically or sexually attracted to you at the time, it brings you down a bit and hurts a little. But what can you do? Not a thing. You keep your head up and know what you are. Sure, to myself I may not be the weight I want, my hair may not be the way I want it to be, but only certain things are in my control. I work on what I can. I can’t Change the size of my breasts. Lady Gaga said it best, “I was born this way”

With some health issues going on I am feeling a little down on myself as I feel I can’t fend for myself. So that plays a big part. It’s hard not having health insurance to be able to take care of what you need to when you need to. And then you end up in financial ruts when forced to. Life tends to throw you in vicious cycles sometimes.
I am one who would never pick at someone over a physical quality even joking, especially knowing it may be an insecurity. For men it’s their Egos, manhood, body parts, genitals, ‘man boobs’ (yes I knew a guy)

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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