Please, no more…

Just a few days ago I made the exact statement “I don’t think I can handle any more cancers in life” when asked my aunt Bridgett being checked for uterine cancer and was luckily cleared. And I shit you not.. I get a text yesterday from my mom:

“Aunt Gabby has breast cancer”

They will stage it and give her a treatment plan next week, they just got the biopsies yesterday. So, all I can do is hope that it is something in the early stages that they can cure.
I had just received an invitation yesterday, just hours before receiving the text from my mom, in the mail from her daughter which is the one cousin I have always been close to, for her wedding. She is getting married to I guess what would be close to her HS sweetheart. Together 20 years ago, reunited 10 years ago and getting married on 9/1/19. They are raising the little boy that my cousin adopted from her niece, whom had her at a very young age and gave him up for adoption. My cousin had lost her dad, Aunt with breast cancer about 4-5 years ago I believe it was.
While I may not be as close to my extended family as I wish, there are many reasons for it, but they are still family and I would give all of them the shirt off my back regardless of if we talk every day or just once a year. We all follow each others lives, either way.
And you know what I have to say to this… FUCK CANCER!! It runs deep in my family. My grandfather had bladder & kidney cancer (passed from it) , my mother had thyroid cancer (survivor, had it removed), she had her sister Candy who passed of nose and throat cancer, my dad had prostate cancer (removed), now my aunt has breast cancer. There may be even more that I am not aware of as my mom is the youngest of 10 so there is a big family out there but she is not close to her family, therefore, meaning I do not know them all. Nor do I know my biological fathers side to know what genetics come there.
Then add in the two friends I have lost at such young ages, before the ages of 40. one to breast cancer and the other to colon cancer.
Cancer is such an ugly ugly disease and if I could have just one wish it would be that there be a cure for it.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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