Thats what I have right now but I feel the urge to write, to just let my mind erase everything it is really thinking, worrying about and that has me sitting at my desk with my leg shaking in anxiety.
Nothing, like lately. Over the last couple weeks I have heard so many things that maybe I have taken too sensitive, thought to much into them, but it also has me feeling like I am just that in some peoples life.. damn near nothing. The comment from a loved one that I was the only one they probably didn’t tell that I almost lost them, it pretty much just slipped their minds. The couple times now of being told if it weren’t for ‘someone else’ that is in their life they would or wouldn’t have been able to do whatever.
Nothing, its what I feel when I walk into work each morning. Its a job I don’t want to go to, which makes the days even longer but I still make the days longer by working my ass off in OT.
Nothing, its what I really wish was going on in this beautiful little head of mine. But its not. My chest hurts and the tightness goes into my back, and I know its just a strong anxiety, but I can’t think of how to calm it.
If I do have one thing going for me, it is that I will pull through this, My thoughts will calm down. And whatever is meant to be that is causing it all will work the way it is meant to. I can only control so much of it, my part. Brighter days will come and things will be hopefully back to normal. And if they are not then changes have come and it will be a new world of adaption.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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