It’s almost Goodbye 2019

While this year had a few hiccups all in all it was a decent year.  Finding out one lost her life to cancer while my Aunt battled it.  Finding out my boyfriend’s mother could have died but has pulled through and is on a road to recovery. Having the kiddos mother come out of remission from cancer this past month and is getting her full time. The dog and her surgery. But in the end, I am alive. I am loving and loved. And almost everyone I love is here in this world with me. 

So, what will 2020 bring?  I am not one for the resolutions and the new year new me bullshit.  Why? I don’t like failure and that’s all resolutions are, a set up to failure. But with all the things that did hiccup, it has had me thinking.  Thinking that I need to try some healthier choices.  Like getting back to the gym, for physical and mental reasons.  And more importantly to stop smoking again! If for anyone but myself for a little girl and a man whom I wish to stick around a little bit longer for, as long as they will have me. I may succeed, or it may take many attempts but it is a goal I am going to shoot for. Finding things that make life that much more worth living, is honestly something you don’t realize changes you until you find the real deal. I was fine before they came along, but apparently they proved something was missing.. A piece of my heart.

Here’s to 2020 all.  May it bring you health, love, peace and happiness. 

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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