What Causes Nightmares?

It is said that Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, & Trauma are all leading causes to nightmares in adults.  I haven’t had any Trauma that I am aware of but here lately I have been having nightmares every few nights or so.
Last night I died in my nightmare.  I was in a car somewhere, I don’t remember who was driving or the other person whom was in the back seat with my dad.. but we were somewhere and it was very windy.  There were two 18 wheelers in front of us and the trailers were swaying tremendously as we were headed on to a bridge.  Objects flying as we were dodging.. and instead of seeing the crash from inside the car, I then saw it from overhead.  The car rolled, and it was ran over by another 18 wheeler and all you saw was blood splatter and an explosion.  And next thing, we were all in an ‘Afterlife’ Or a ‘Previous life’  I remember talking to my dad about how we had died and were now talking about what year we were in, it was a year before even he was actually born, 1930.  It seemed to have gone on forever, we watched the crash continue for a while, watched our bodies be pulled from the wreckage, even watched our funerals.. and then we went on to whomever was driving’s, Sisters house.. whom could actually see us. And it was like we were living life again in another life with all new people. And then I finally woke up unable to go back to sleep.. well, no wonder I am sleep deprived.. I am dying in my sleep.. LOL.
So, where does your mind go at night?  Apparently mine goes crazy!

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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