‘In your head, In your head’ if that’s not an understatement. I try to stay positive in stressful times and all I can think is close to or negative. I had a dream of dying and watching me die, as well as my dad.. Maybe that’s Fathers Day near. I feel like my fiancé is tired of me and not attracted to me and blame my weight gain, me for who I am and try to tell myself if that was true he wouldn’t be my fiancé, I wouldn’t be here and we are both stressed right now. Not to mention we have not had us time in a while. Mother’s Day is always hard because the what if’s and why couldn’t I have, play in mind.. but I am clad they didn’t when they could have. But sometimes I wish my brain wasn’t so active. My heart not so big, me.. not so me.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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