Lordy Lordy, I feel 40..

So here’s to one of this so called ‘ Milestone years’. What has the year started with in 2020? Pandemic, Toilet paper shortage and frozen pizza shortage in the stores, Riot, hate, so much hate. 🤷‍♀️ Well, good thing for us we are teaching Naomi to make homemade pizza Incase that happens again. 😂

And I wake up to another ordinary day. Clean, cook, clean from cooking, do the laundry and now it’s the dog and I while everyone is off doing their thing. It’s another typical day in the life of quarantine and now the Texas heat.

And not to mention, my morning started with my mom upset with me over something I wasn’t even aware took place. A social media glitch. Posts she made deleted themselves and a tag removed that I didn’t touch. I thought I was going to have to add war to my 2020 list. 😂

They say life is better after 40. Whoever ‘they’ are. I guess it’s time to see. I am pretty happy with who and where I am. With a fiancé, my dog whom loves me almost more than her chicken treats, my family and friends, and the fortunate part of having a job and a roof over my head, which today’s times are hard to come by for many.

They say the ‘milestone’ birthdays are the biggest and most celebrated. Today has been another day, everyone still did their thing and not much time spent. We did all enjoy some cheesecake and the kiddo was more excited that she got to take the rest to her moms. Here’s to the next however many years are given to me. What is done with them is really on me.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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