She’s like the sky


Her plan is always to be the best, To Light up the lives around her.

But, just like the sky she’s unpredictable. And with no ill intent, you can never be sure.

Her heart beats as hard and loud, as the stormy thunderous sky.

While on other days, she’s a warm mist, Tears fall from her eyes as she cry.

She can light up your life, But that’s only if you let her.

Each morning with your coffee, Her rays shining as a morning cure.

She has a twinkle in her eyes, Just like the night stars shine.

You could see her as a beautiful garden. But to her she’s just a small vine.

She can make you smile, Like a bright rainbow near.

And she’ll make you laugh, If you just hold her dear.

Her fears crack in her, like lightening and thunder rolls in a tornado.

But in any day you will find her like a breeze, going with life’s flow.

She hides her fears, like the sun behind clouds on a stormy day.

She’ll always shine that sun bright, making sure all she love is okay.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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