Why were we given them?

We all have them. Problem is when we have them it generally sucks. When we don’t have them it sucks. most of the time I am overwhelmed with feelings, emotions, and I share it, or try to. And when I stop feeling or go Numb then it really sucks because I shut down.

I love hard for those that are the biggest parts of my life, almost to a fault. I care deeply, to a fault. Some days I try to be strong but my heart is on my sleeve. I feel lonely in a crowded room at times.

So, why do we have to have feelings? Some hurt to have, some hurt to express, some are deep down, some are on the surface.

So it’s best to have feelings, right? Until they seem unimportant. But I guess that’s life, and that’s being human. Some days I envy my dog!

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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