On to another challenge..

When you have been in physical pain as long as I have you try to adapt. Migraines, leg pain, back pain, neck, all over. I guess the worst of it was after I suffered the 5 car accident in 2006 which the doctors wanted to do surgery and I opted out due to the odds of it working. Slowly it just became a way of life. Until it comes time to do things in life I love, with the people I love, with the man I love. In this life I love more than I ever have.

Working out, bowling, the occasional top golf, now add in diving, but they aren’t so pleasurable when you spend it in pain afterwards. Every ounce of stress has become a leech to the areas. Monthly massages are only temporary relief.

So, finally I have decided to make a change. A change that has been needed for over 10 years but that I always felt selfish doing. Because I always felt selfish doing for myself if and when I could and was providing for others. Then in 2108, I could hardly make my ends meet when I lost my job of 7 years. A change that has me stressed to the hill from a financial aspect, even with good insurance.

It seems though, I have found a doctor whom knows what he’s doing. I have seen 3 different chiropractors in the past so he is aware of my skepticism. He’s remained very informative on everything and on each visit thanks me for allowing him to help and assuring.

I am now on a plan of going in 3 times a week for treatment consisting of TENS unit, K-Laser treatment, And adjustments. The next thing he wants to do is manipulation under anesthesia. It will help relieve pressure and the pain to get me from Point A to Point B quicker, and I would hope that it makes to where treatment isn’t longer after the 6 weeks of PT, but.. more $ comes out.

It appears I not only have the known bulging discs in my neck with two other vertebras causing compression, my L5 also has a bulging disc. My wrists are on the verge of carpal tunnel and both my knee caps are off. My take on this all is hopefully this gets me off numerous medications. It gets me back able to do all the things I love without discomfort. And as relaxing as the massages are to cut that cost back to every few months.

It just feels lonely at this time. Not because you are alone in the pain, but because you are trying to let everyone in you life vent on their bad days and such that yours sit on the back burner, leading you to the situation your in. When you do talk, most of the time the world has it ten fold anyhow and you know it.

I don’t want to complain of the pain and discomfort. I’m not sleeping well and with the stress of work, as I said, it’s going to all the places that hurt.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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