Labor day weekend

It was relaxing for the most part. Aside from worrying a 12 year old was probably driving my mom nuts, making. Sure my mom was relaxing as well as my fiance. My relax was in the car mostly, music and the road.  Well and a neurotic dog afraid she’d miss something.  Even while I didn’t feel good most of the trip. 

Between forgetting my medications, putting jeans on I haven’t worn in forever and realizing just why I am not attractive, and trying to make sure all are okay

I just wanted my fiance to relax, his daughter get out of the house, the dog get a vacation, and see my mom.. it was all important and my priority.  Problen is I still came back with a figure no one loves, pain  and as of today finding out in treatment that should be over that I am at best 50% there.

I have been applying to 2-3 jobs a day to get out of that unhappiness, and focusing on letting my love know my love, devotion and and failing badly at keeping him happy and his head up. Trying to let him know he’s always handsome, appreciated and my world.. if not for him most days getting out of bed would blow.. no not that you pervs 🤣

Anyhow, can’t wait to be back north at Thanksgiving to relax, shoot and see family. This was the first time I have been down in almost 3 years.  I Love that mom loves Matt, Who would have known the mom instinct is like a dog instinct 😂

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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