A better woman

I need to be a better woman for those I can’t imagine life without. But, I guess today is not the day.  The day started waking up in a depressed state, really just needing to be loved a little harder & a little louder and feeling isolative.  I put on m ybig girl pants and tried to focus on work. Spending all day feeling like someone kicked my dog and feeling as If I was going to break down at any given moment.

So, I got through the workday and off to the doctor and Physical therapy. Skimming on physical therapy a little as I had no energy to do so.. Came back home, took a muscle relaxer and a sleeping pill and tried to sleep it off a couple hours.

After awakening all the feelings still remain. I can’t eat and haven’t done so since Monday. Feeling like Elmore, feeling like there’s a cloud hanging over me,, feeling like a failure and like I am not deserved of love, Not today. Something tells me its time for a med change in a couple weeks.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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