A new day..

Today was a new day, as I try to pull myself above this cloud. I managed to stay busy between 5 phone calls with the doctors office and hospital, and getting all the co-pays pre registration and follow up made For Wednesday surgery.

Between that, work and my earbuds in all day, it stayed at a distraction at least. I got off work and did the grocery shopping for the weekend and came home to start dinner. Now I am just afraid to slow down.

I will give a kudos to my fiance because he puts up with all of this, its not fun for me so it can’t be fun for him. I know he loves me and thats why I am still here. Or maybe he loves my cooking and that I get my chores done.. haha Either way, I’ll take it. I JUST WISH I didn’t feel so lonely sometimes knowing I am loved. But, I know thats on me. Especially when I am allowed to isolate.

It helped to to find out my moms Covid test came back negative, one stress reliever. The rest I have said before has to be temporary, I just hope life stops with the curve balls and starts to social distance itself for a bit.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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