Reoccurring objects

Do you ever have a dream that seems to have a reaccuring object yet you don’t know what or where is is appearing from?

The last few nights my mind slows down enough to put me to sleep but not enough to stop the dreams, some bad, some just strange. And they say you don’t remember your dreams yet here I am.

There’s a house that appears time after time. It was an old house. There were holes so big in the floor you could see down the basement. At some point (in my many dreams of it) I lived there, or was renting it, or whatever. In last nights dream I had gone to it, thinking I would find it in the same condition. Only it wasn’t. It had been fixed up like new and was gorgeous. The other difference was now it had water around it, a beach maybe. Before its been a house just there alone and beat up.

No one lived there, so there I stayed, for months, alone and unnoticed. Until one day the owner found me. He remembered me. He warned I need to leave as the house was for sale. Shortly later a woman appeared who was being the house. I Hard her explain to the owner she couldn’t move just yet as she didn’t want 2 payments a month for living.

Again, alone and unnoticed I enjoyed the beauty of the house for months. And when the time came to move I had lost all track with nowhere to go. I Begged the owner to let me stay until the lady was ‘for sure ready to move. He explained he had known I was there payment free, yet kept an eye on how I handled the house and let me stay.

I had only one thing of monetary value. And it was something I couldn’t part from no matter what, and I would not no matter how much of that part of life left me.

I don’t know what this house means. Why it is appearing, and now fixed. I’d understand if it resembled a childhood house or old home, but nothing.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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