Senses.. we all have them.

Not common sense, most don’t have that.. haha.  I am talking touch, smell, vision, hearing, taste. It is part of what helps us with what we want and don’t want. Likes and dislikes, and our desires.

When you see something, smell something, your senses tell you if You want to taste it. When you love something your vision of them you can’t resist a touch, closeness.

You see the things you know you want, when your hungry your sense of taste tells you what you’re in the mood for. When you touch something your sense of touch sends other vibes and feeling. If its hot You pull you hand away. Senses are what get us through life.

Our sense of sight tells us when we see something it leads to our sense of sight and we think of others. I do it often when I see an item, a card, anything that makes me think of those in life. A sense to give without reason.

Our sense of vision goes beyond just seeing things but of seeing our future and even our past.

We hear things around us where our senses tell us of safety, danger and fear of where we belong, and so on.

Our sense of smell.. have you ever just smelled a scent, whether it be a home cooked meal or someone’s perfume/cologne that makes you remember something of the past, happy or sad. I know there are smells that make me think of my childhood, smells that make me remember love and lust, smells that make me happy and smells that make me sad.

So what happens when your senses tell you that something of love and desires looks for a million reasons not to touch or desire you the same,  instead of a simple reason to? I don’t just speak intimately because that’s not all its about, but its something as well. When their senses seem to look for Any reason not to be close to you, and their senses are the opposite.  You begin to feel as if its you and not them. you sense through touch, hearing and seeing all the reasons they are unhappy. You sense with your touch that they don’t want to be there. You can remember when your senses worked together, when everything was bonded.

With distance you slowly quit looking for the senses, you long for the sense of touch but can’t keep pushing for it. You always have the vision, the smell, hearing of your heartbeat, and the taste.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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