Needs.. we are really not so different.

When it comes to the needs of a man and woman, a husband and wife, or whatever your relationship is,, are we really that different?

Both want to feel loved, respected, affection, safe, and that they are being loyal to and in return of giving the same.

While the amount of the need may be slightly different in each, the need is there.

TO FEEL RESPECTED – we both want to feel respected whether it be from our spouse, friends, coworkers, children.  we all want to be treated in a manner that we not only deserve but in a manner of what we can be.

TO BE TRUSTED– we all know if you can’t trust your other half there is no ground to stand on to build further. There must be trust on all levels, this is what makes you feel safe.

HONOR AND APPRECIATION- we all want to be treated in a manner that we not only deserve but in a manner of what we can be. We want to be honored by the things we become and the life we are making. For what we offer and bring forth.

AFFECTION– many hear affection and immediately think of it as sex.  Its more than that. we all want those things that may lead to the bedroom, sure.  But we also want just a touch, a hug, a kiss in passing of your busy home life, a drive safe or be careful. A have a good day, affection can be much more than intimacy.

APPROVAL– approval from ourselves is the most important, but we also seek it from those we cherish most in life, our partners that are by our sides every day.

A LISTENER – They become the one person you can talk to on everything, with out a listener, with out communication what else is there? Bad days will come and we will all want someone to listen.

COMPLIMENTS – not just on how they look in your eyes but compliments on their daily life and tasks.  Women may be a little more “needy” on this, its always nice to know you are noticed.  And I have seen it before where this goes undone and the women or men drift elsewhere.

A BEST FRIEND – We ALL want a best friend – men and women! That person you can tell EVERYTHING to. That person you can laugh until you cry with. That person you can call just to say hi. That person you can rely on. That person that will always make you feel better.

ALONE TIME.. TOGETHER – when you first began, you may have began as friends and then became a couple, and then fiancés and them hopefully husband and wife.  DATING probably played a big part in your lives, so why just because you are now married or no longer courting, should it stop, this was the building of what you have formed. It is also important to give alone time apart.

AN EXAMPLE AND INSPIRATION – You always want to marry someone that brings out the very best in you. A person that makes you become better, stronger and happier.

DREAMS – we all have our own individual dreams, goals, bucket-lists and so on. But, it is even more powerful when you have someone whom will share them even if they aren’t there own. And the biggest dream of all is to find the one to last your whole life through.

LOVE – and the best of all that this leads you all up to.. we want to feel loved, wanted, needed. we want intimacy not just physically but emotionally and mentally. We all need love. We all need that someone special in our lives.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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