Empathy, selflessness and sensitivness.

If you take the time to know me, you will know and see that I am a person with a big heart. I am caring, empathetic and sensitive. All of which tend to be a vice of mine. No matter how strong willed I try to always end up wearing a heart on my sleeve, especially with those so important to me that it hurts to see them hurt, it angers me when someone angers them and I feel the same things they are feeling. This can be with my immediate family, my fiance and those close to him, my very few friends and also even when it comes to my animals.

I have always had a fixer/healer personality on top of that, thats the big heart and caring in me. My biggest problem. With it is I tend to forget that I too matter. I tend to forget that I too should matter equally to those that I let matter in my life, and I allow myself to not be as important, to be pushed aside and only be in eyes view when they want me to be instead of trying to speak up when I need it to be mutual. To me it is just me being selfless. Always on the backburner whether it be with myself to myself or with the outside. sensitively.

Always trying to carry the weight of the universe on my shoulders so those I care for can relax and be happy, excuse in their happiness and knowing of it, is a different kind of happiness within mine.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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