Sparks (Poem)

There once was that spark in his eyes,
Like what you see when there are fireflies.

There once was a warmth within the heart,
And that feeling of not wanting to ever be apart.

There once was a time where an intimate touch,
Didn’t feel like it was asking for too much.

She tries to keep the sparks alive,
To know that love will always survive.

With every attempt she seems to fail,
Leaving her feeling nothing but frail.

She always string in her love and her compassion,
Playful, Flirty and fun loving is her conformity of fashion.

While she can only be who she is each and every day,
It tends to leave her broken and feeling pushed away.

She knows she’s not easy to love yet is always giving her love,
She knows those deserving and where her heart is, come push or shove.

If she ever gives you her love, cherish it in entirety,
For she may love hard but also does so undeniably.

Shes beauty from the inside out, and she will never leave you in a feeling of doubt.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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